How Select all columns except one in MySQL?

In this post, we will discuss how Select all columns except one in MySQL we can perform this in two different ways where in one way we can do this by simply selecting all the columns except the one which we do not want to include by simply adding the name of columns one by one and another way is by using ‘*’ and negative sign before the column.


Select Columns

Here we will display all the columns except the selected column using two different ways. We use a select statement to display the data of a table and we can restrict the number of columns as per our choice to display even by applying different clauses like where we can restrict the data of a row but for restricting the column we have the following ways by which we can perform.

Using Listing All the Columns

In this will method, we simply list all the required columns from the table and do not include the columns which we do not want to include which we can perform using separating them using a comma.

SELECT column1, column2, column3, column4, column6
FROM your_table;

Here have excluded the columns which we do not want to display or we can say list only those columns which we need to display.

It will display all the columns one to four and then skip cloumn5 and the display6 so it could be the method for getting the values of all the columns except column5. We have another method to do so which is as follows.

Using Minus Operator

Here we use ‘*’ to list all the columns but we just use the ‘-‘ Minus sign before the columns we do not want to display

SELECT *, -column5
FROM your_ table;

Here the above code will display all the columns of table ‘your table’ except column 5 as we have mentioned column 5 along with a minus sign where we have to exclude this column.

There are different functions for the minus sign ‘-‘ in different situations in MySQL which we can perform but here we are using it to exclude the column to display out of all the possible present columns of the given table.


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