How Does Python 2 Compare String And Int?

In this tutorial, we will learn How does Python 2 Compare strings and int as it might lead to producing an error when we simply Make a comparison between string and int but we can perform the same using another way which is by making the string as an int by simply using int() function and then we can simply compare both in ‘<‘, ‘>’, ‘<=’, ‘>=’, ‘==’ any of them in case of python 2. Whereas in python 3 and letter versions, this problem is already solved to learn more follow the code given below.


Compare String And Int

To Make a comparison between both the variable where we have different data types like int and strings in the case of Python 2 we have to change the data type manually where we have given the example below to execute the same in Python 3. As in Python 2 we can not directly Make a comparison between both the variables which are in different data types as here int and string so we have a way to convert both of the variables in either of the data types.

x = "3"
y = 5

# This will raise a TypeError in Python 2
if x < y:
    print(" x is less than y")

Here we have used the int() function to make the string variable as int by simply passing the string into the parameter of the int() function if we do not use it it will lead to an error. Here we converted the string in the int but we can also convert the int into a string as per our choice where have the option to do so as per our choice to see the conversion of an int to a string is given below.

AS Strings and integers are two different data types and here we simply Make a comparison between them by converting them either of the form.

x = "3"
y = 5

# Convert x to an integer before comparing
if x < str(y)
    print("x is less than y")

There are some more differences between python 2 and python3 which you can learn using the python 2 vs python3 post.


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