How To Compare Two Dates?

In this tutorial, we will learn how to How compare two dates, we can compare two dates in python using a module datetime where we can perform an operation to find greater or lesser dates in between two given dates.

Compare Two Dates

Compare Two Dates

In python, we perform most of the operations with the help of modules that python provides to perform most of the tasks without much coding in a program where we simply import the module and the result is being produced.

Take their same example of comparing two dates that are in the form of strings so and normally when we compare two strings we can only perform a comparison in a string only for equality where as the datetime module provides a way to compare strings as a date.

Where we can see which date is greater between two given dates in the form of a string provided the format of both the dates is the same in that case, we can perform the comparison and to do so follow the example given below and learn to implement in your program.

from datetime import datetime

date1 = datetime(2022, 9, 1)
date2 = datetime(2022, 10, 1)

if date1 < date2:
    print(f"{date1} is earlier than {date2}")
    print(f"{date2} is earlier than {date1}")

Here we are dealing with the dates just as they are integers and finding which date is greater among both of them, We may also provide one more condition for equality which will check when both the dates are equal or the same.


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