How to detect key presses?

In this post, we will learn How to detect Key presses in Python which we can get to know using the module Keyboard which has the power to provide a cross platform for detecting the keys we press is being detected by python.


Pressed Key

Here we have given an example to implement the same and get to know which key exactly we had pressed during the time given.

import keyboard

def on_key_event( event):
    print(' Key event detected:',

keyboard.on_press(  on_key_event)

In the example given above, we first imported the module we want which has nothing It has a function named a key event which is called as soon as we click any of the keys it detects it and we could get to know what exactly the key is being pressed.

And when we have used the function on the press which is defined in the keyboard module for registering the on key event function a call back for the key pressed event. And as we can seat the end we used the wait function which has nothing but simply waiting for the event to occur here event means pressing any of the keys.

Here we need to keep a certain thing in mind like it needs elevated privileges to access the keyboard on some operating system, there might be a change that it might require permission to run as an administration which might require some additional permission we need to provide.

Here we can also use another way to implement the same which is nothing but using getch() function and to implement the same we have given an example below to understand it better.

import curses

def main( stdscr):
    stdscr. clear()
    stdscr. addstr(0, 0, 'Press any key to continue...')
    stdscr. refresh()
    key = stdscr. getch()
    stdscr.addstr(1, 0, 'Key pressed: {}'.format( key))
    stdscr. refresh()
    curses. napms(2000)

curses.wrapper( main)

In the example, given above we use the curses. wrapper function to initialize the curses library and set up the terminal screen. We define a function called main that displays a message on the screen and waits for a key press. And when a key is pressed, the function we declared displays the key code on the screen which we can decode and get to know what exactly the key might be.



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