How do I execute a string containing Python code in Python?

In this post, we will learn How to execute a String containing Python code in Python which we can perform using exec() which it takes the String containing python code as the input and executes as if it is simple and normal and that we have nothing special in it.


String Containing

Here we have given an example where we are printing some string which we need to do to understand things as per the requirements

code_str = 'print( "Hello, world!")'
exec( code_str)

Here we are simply getting the input it and stored in a variable named code_str which has some string to store and we simply printed the output as per the requirements.

We can also do the same thing using another method which is using function eval() which is also used for the same purpose and for the same also we have given an example here where we can understand things as per our requirements and get things done in our projects.

code_str = '2 + 2'
result = eval( code_str)
print( result)

Here in the example given above, we have used a variable to store the it that we want along with a certain message or operation as of here we simply need to add two numbers, and to make that thing do the variable as a result here.

Here we need to keep certain things in mind here that using this eval() function for the execution of arbitrary code for untrusted sources like which are not listed in trusted could be dangerous, or we can say harmful as it can execute malicious code at a large scale and may lead to damage a lot. So to avoid make sure you only use this technique with code you trust and limit its use to simple expressions that do not have side effects.

There are different cases where we have to get the data out of the string or in other words when we have the data given in the form of a string but the actual data is hidden or we can say we have given the input of some mathematical calculations but the variable where restored it is a string so in such cases the data will be stored in the form of a string so we have to use some methods.

These methods provide us with the actual data which is stored as a string but it is actually data for calculations.




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