How To Print Lists as Tabular Data?

In this post, we will learn about Print Lists as Tabular Data which can perform using the tabular module that is going to provide a way to make the given data as a table and display as a table which we actually want.


Printing List

As we know we can display a list as one dimension in a simple way but if we want to display the same list in two dimensions or we can say in the form of a table we can use tabulate module of the python library so that it will make the list as a table and we can simple print it as table is always in the form of two dimensions.

ANd the example for the same is given below where we can see how we can make it happen and understand to implement the same in our project.

from tabulate, import tabulate

data = [
    ["John", 28, "Male"],
    ["Jane", 32, "Female"],
    ["Bob", 45, "Male"],
    ["Alice", 21, "Female"],

print( tabulate(data, headers=[" Name", "Age", "Gender"]))

Let here above given is data as a list that has stored certain data where the variable ‘data’ is a list that has some data and the table we want to display the data as stable. Here we have taken this list ourselves but we can always take this list from any of the sources like i=this list might be an output of some other functions which we want to display in the form of the table.

And here we have used the tabulate function to make the data given as a table so the output of this will be as followed.

Name      Age  Gender
------  -----  --------
John       28  Male
Jane       32  Female
Bob        45  Male
Alice      21  Female

Here we have printed the result as the two dimensions or we can say in the form of a table and that was what we were supposed to do here.

here we need to keep certain things in mind like we need to give the name of columns in the parameter of tabulate function so that when we create the table out of the list we could have the name at the top of column other wise it will name all the columns by itself as digital 1, 2, and 3 and on to make it count.


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