In Switch Case Why Do We Need Break After Case Statements?

SwitchIn this Tutorial, we will learn In Switch cases Why Do We Need to Break After Case Statements? As we know the switch is used as a conditional statement where it checks the variable for equivalence if the variable we entered matches the value we predicted it started executing all the leading statements after that.

So due to keep a controlled execution we take precautions so that it will execute the statements only which are found to match and after that, it will terminate the block and come out of the switch block so for this reason we use the break statement.

Now we will understand it in an elaborated way.


Switch Case Statements

A switch case is a conditional statement that deals with checking the conditions as per given statements and executing the program. Provided it only deals with character and integer data type and unlike if else it can check the conditions only for equality.

Neither it can be used for String nor we can use it for greater than or less than checking so we can check whether the variable entered has the same value as of given options and here we need to define the possible outcome before only.

And it has done just by comparing those outcomes with the variable values and if finds a match it started execution of all the statements after that and to break after the match is found we use the break statement.

Let’s understand it in a better way with an example

int value = 1;
switch (value) {
            case 1 ->System.out.println("one"); Break;
            case 2 ->System.out.println("two"); break;
            default ->System.out.println("many");

It will print output as One as the value of variable value is one and if do not apply break statements after every line then the output would be.

one two, many as it will execute all the lines after finding a match.

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