Java | Why Can’t I Use Switch Statement On A String?

Here we will find out Why can’t I use a switch statement on a String? in Java Switch can take only Integers, Short, and characters as input because the size it can accommodate is -128 to 127 where all the characters come and in this range, we can see those integers also come but the size of String is greater so it can not be supported.

Let’s understand it in clear ways with some explanations and examples.


Switch Case In Java

Switch case is a conditional operator in java that deals with checking the conditions of the program at different places as we know at certain places in a program we need to take decisions depending upon the values of variables and here we just check the value of variables and take decisions.

Provided we can only take decisions only for integer, Short, or character types of data as switch supports only these data types as it has a range of size -127 to 127 so it can only work for integers and characters which have the size in this range.

Let’s take an example of a switch case

char c = 'a'
switch( c )
    case 'a' :
    case 'b' :
    case 'c' :
    case 'd' :
    case 'e' :
    case 'f' :  convert_hex(c);

Here we have taken c as input which has char as the data type so it is working but it does not work for string.

Note- It can work for string only if we take one by one character of the string and check the conditions as per the characters we are doing otherwise we have to use if else for checking the conditions of strings and if else support all the types of data.


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