Packages | What Is The Difference Between pip And Conda?

In this tutorial, we will discuss the difference between pip And Conda, where both are used for managing the packages in python but both of them have certain differences that we will discuss here.


Packages Managing in Python

There are different ways to manage the modules of python using pip and using conda that we will discuss here and find the difference between them.


conda is a way that could allow you to create your own isolated environment in different versions of pythons, although pip could also be used as same for creating an environment that is isolated and virtual there are some problems that could bring it down as it has some limitations as it is not as such flexible as conda so, here conda have an upper hand.

Package sources

As we know that pip is the default package manager that we use for importing or deleting packages and it used the python package index(PyPI) and other different sources as their source whereas in the case of conda uses multiple languages and a number of languages.

That means we can use any of the packages from the repository of anaconda which are being installed there already.

Dependency handling

As compared to pip conda has more capability to comprehend the dependency, which means when we install any package using conda it will automatically install all the required and supported or might be required at any point of time.

Operating systems

As conda could work on most of the famous operating systems where as there are some limitations in the case of pip.


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