How To Print Numbers Using Commas As Thousands Separators?

In this post, we will learn more about How to print a Numbers using commas as thousands of separators where we can use the format method along with “{:,.0f}” which is a format of the string.


Numbers Using Commas

Using commas in digits makes it easy for us to understand the digit and read the number early without making much of affords for more information the comma are used for making the digit readable in case of a large digit which makes the digit easy to read.

As it is a stander to represent the amount in figures to understand it easily and it is accepted globally so here we have given an example to implement and get it done and for the same an example is explained here with an example.

Here we have given an example of the same for executing the same, The example given below is the number separated the number by comma in US standards where the comma are used for separating the digits after every three digits, Which is nothing but separating the digits as once, tense, Hundreth, thousands, ten thousand, hundreds thousand and so on.

number = 1234567
print("{:,.0f}".format( number))

The result of following will be as followed where we have applied for comma after every three digits.:


The {:,.2f} format string tells Python to format the number as a floating-point number with zero decimal places and with comma separating the thousands. If you want to include decimal places, you can change the ‘0’ to the number of decimal places you want.

The same number given above can also be written as 12,34,567 as standard for india.

As in if we do not apply the comma in the amount in the figure it might not look like an amount or money it might be a random number to make it more clear and increase the readability we introduced a way to represent the an=mount or figure in the form of comma -separated which is nothing but an easy way to represent.



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