What is the difference between venv, pyvenv, pyenv, virtualenv, virtualenv wrapper,and pipenv?

In this post, we will get to know the difference between venv, pyvenv, pyenv, virtualenv, virtualenv wrapper, and pipenv and here we have explained every term below to know more. Which are being used for managing the virtual environment in python for the project we work 


Managing Virtual Environment

There are Different terms that we use using managing the virtual environment which we create and for managing that we have a number of terms we need to keep in mind and take care of.


This is an in-built module in the latest version of python 3.3 and the latest versions of it Which allows us to create a virtual environment and the additional advantage is we do not need to import any additional package to implement it. We can simply use it by simply running the command given below.

python -m venv /path/ to/ new/ virtual/ environment


It is also an in built module which we use simply for disapproving venv which we just implement for adding or installing the virtual environment in the project.


It is a very powerful tool in python that we use it for managing different versions of python on a single machine where it makes it easy to switch between the different versions of python where we can easily switch in between the different versions of python and even we can set any of the versions as the default version to use at any point of time.


At times we might need to create a third party package to implement the virtual environment for python. It also has a number of different other advanced features like it could work in both python 2 as well as in python3 too. Where we can create the virtual environment by it using the command given below.

virtualenv /path/ to/ new/ virtual/ environment



As we have seen previously in virtualenv how we use it for creating a virtual environment by a third party and it is the extended version of the same that provides a certain number of advanced features like creating, deleting, and Switching between virtual environments, Along with different other advanced features.


This tool is also used in many ways where use it as managing project dependencies and virtual environments. It is nothing but the combination of pip and virtualenv in a single tool which makes it easy to manage the dependency of the project and virtual environment.



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