Newline | How Can I Remove A Trailing Newline In Python?

In this post, we will learn How can I remove a trailing newline which we can perform using an in built function rstrip() which is used for removing all the white spaces and characters which could be there in the output which is nothing but the trailing empty lines at the end of any string, which we removed in just one execution


Removing Newline

Here we has given an example of executing strip() function for removing the leading and trailing lines or say empty lines in a string we print so here is what we can do  for removing the same.

my_string = "Hello\n"

# Using rstrip() to remove the trailing line
my_ string = my_ string. rstrip()

print( my_ string)

Here we has used the said function to get the thing done we want where we use the string ‘ my String’ as the variable which is storing the String which includes the white spaces or we can say extra spaces either in leading or trailing manner. It (The code given above) will simply result into the execution  and the result it will produce will simply have ‘Hello’ As it will remove new line or white space there.

We can even remove the new line from in between the string we required which we can simply do by using replace() function which does nothing but check the condition everytime and when it finds the empty line or new line command it simply removes it from there and continues printing the actual value that we want to get without any line and all.

And here we have given an example or code which we can simply implement and get it done if we want to execute it as per our choice.

my_ string = "Hello\nWorld\n"

# Using replace() to remove all line characters
my_ string = my_ string. replace('\n', '')

print( my_ string)

As it will check and replace all the new lines with simply a space it will not print any extra or empty lines as white spaces as it is checking the condition for whole of the string and replacing when it matches the condition which is nothing but white space or empty line.




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