Query | How To Select All The Possible Row By a Query?

Here we are going to discuss How To Select All The Possible Row By a Query where we want to display either the whole data of the table or the data of selected columns and to do so we use the select command to display such things.

We can display the data of the table in two different ways displaying the whole data irrespective of how much data the table contains and the other way is by selecting the columns and displaying the data of only those selected columns. To Do so follow the code or commands given below as examples


Query To Display The Data

There are two ways by which we can display the data of a table on the basis of the data displayed in one way we simply display the whole table as a whole which might be not that much useful as when there is a large table it will be difficult to find relevant data.

And Another way is by applying some filter to the data, either on the number of columns or the data that is stored using different clauses like where, in, between, like, etc. but here we are going to discuss the filter of a number of columns to be displayed despite the column will display whole data of that particular column.


Display Whole Table

To display the whole table data in one query we use the * sign and to implement the same follow the code given below and understand how the data of the table.

SELECT * FROM your_table_name;

It is going to display the whole data of the table which includes all the columns of the table.

Display Limited Columns

We also have a way to limit the columns to display as per our choice which is just providing the name of the columns that we want to display to understand it better following the code given below.

SELECT column1, column2, column3 FROM your_table_name;

In this way, we can provide the name of different columns of the table which need to be displayed.

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