How To Remove A Field Completely From A MongoDB Document?

Here we will learn How To Remove A Field Completely From A MongoDB Document where we can use the unset operator in the update function could remove a field completely from the document do so follow the example and code below and implementing it in your program.


Remove The Selected Field From A MongoDB Document

As we have an option of updating the existing document in MongoDB where we can update the database as per our requirement and perform any actions like updating existing data, editing, deletion, or adding new data that we do only by using an operator update in Mongo DB.

Here we provide a condition from where the field needs to be deleted and the detention of particular data depends upon the condition we provide to learn more go through the example.

To perform removal we have an unset operator. To perform the same just follow the example and procedure here.

db.products.insertMany( [
{ "item": "chisel", "sku": "C001", "quantity": 4, "instock": true },
{ "item": "hammer", "sku": "unknown", "quantity": 3, "instock": true },
{ "item": "nails", "sku": "unknown", "quantity": 100, "instock": true }
] )
{ sku: "unknown" },
{ $unset: { quantity: "", instock: "" } }

Where SKU ” Unknown”  is the condition that we want to update and in the next bracket where we use quantity where we can remove the email that we provide in the unset operator scope.  In this ways we only remove a single or matched fields from documents.

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