Setup | Setting up a local MongoDB database in System.

In this tutorial, we will learn how we can setup a local MongoDB database in the system where we simply need o follow certain steps to get it done from downloading and installing to get it done follow the steps given below.



Here we will follow step by step to install the set up in our System.

Step 1. To set up MongoDB first and foremost thing we need is to download the file from Download MongoDB.

Step 2. is after downloading the file from the trusted website we simply need to start the installation process in involves certain steps like assigning the locations and putting that action address into the PATH of an environment variable to access it from the command prompt that we will see here.

Step 3. As we extracted the file at a location of our choice and stored it so that we can easily get he file generally by Default the system will store it in System files where the files of other software are stored by default but we can always change the location as per our choice.

Step 4. If we go with step by step then the next step is to open and check the directory where we execlty stored the MongoDB and for the same, we need to run a command which is given below.

sudo mkdir -p /data/db

Now we need to start the MongoDB by simply putting a commanding cmd which is given below


It will help in Locating the MongoDB server the MongoDB to by default port number which is 27017. Now we need to connect the server with the machine locally so for that purpose follow the command given below.


It is a command which will automatically connect the server of MongoDB with the local Host and establish a connection between the local machine and the server of MongoDB.

Now, We had done the connection now simply we need to create first databases and then collections and documents where we can store our data in the form of collections in documents.

As it stores unstructured data so we do not need to specify the structure of the data that is going to store in the database we simply create a collection and start entering the data in the form of key value pairs where put the key and corresponding values or we can say data to it.


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