How to Sort A Single Field And to Sort on Additional Fields?

In this tutorial, we will learn How to sort a single field and to sort additional fields for sorting on a single field we used the sort()  method under find() to sort the field and i takes the object which we want to sort as an argument where in arguments only we can specify the order as ascending or descending as per our choice.



Here we will see an example where we sort the field

db. collection. find(). sort({ field: 1 })

Here in the given example, the find() method will retrieve all the documents from the existing collection where we are working, and then the sort() method will sort the field.

And above that, if we want to sort the additional fields where we can specify the additional key where we can put the second field for sorting when in the first field the values are equal. To implement the same follow the code given below.

db. collection. find(). sort({ field1: 1, field2: -1 })

In this, the element at the place in field1 and field2 is the same then we can go with any additional field too. We can also sort() using pagination for retrieving a specific subset of sorted documents. To get to know better look at the example code given below.


db. collection. find(). sort({ field: 1 }).skip(10) .limit(5)

It will retrieve all the documents using the find() method from collections and then sort using the Sort() method. But a Skip() method is added here which is used for getting the data after skipping the number of given documents and here we have given 10 so it will skip ten records.

And here we had also use another method as limit() which is used for getting the number of next records that need to be sorted so here it is given as 5 so the next five records will be sorted after skipping ten as it was given in the skip method.


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