Python Program : Selection Sort in Python

In this post we understand about selection sort  with a example of python program First we understand about sorting Ordering data in an increasing or decreasing manner is called sorting Selection Sort It means that it check first element with second element if second element is greater than it swap  . Input : x= [10,20,90,100,80,50,30,40 … Read more

How to Sort A Single Field And to Sort on Additional Fields?

In this tutorial, we will learn How to sort a single field and to sort additional fields for sorting on a single field we used the sort()  method under find() to sort the field and i takes the object which we want to sort as an argument where in arguments only we can specify the … Read more

How Array are Sort In Java? Ascending or Descending

Here we will learn How Array are Sort In Java? Ascending or Descending As there are a number of algorithms to sort an array but here we will use an inbuild function of Array. sort(arr, Collections.reverseOrder()) which will sort the array arr and return the sorted array in descending order. Array Sorting Array sorting means … Read more

Sorting in python

Sorting in python

Sorting in python Sorting means arranging a large number of values in a specific order such as ascending and descending, alphabetical, distance, etc. Python provides built-in functions that offer powerful features to do basic sorting or customize ordering at a smooth level. Python has a built-in sort() list method that modifies it in-place and a sorted() … Read more

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