Python Program: Find Prime Numbers in Python | Detailed Examples , Multiple Approaches

In this post we will go through the basic python program to find the prime numbers. We will also run the examples and corresponding output. Prime Numbers A number that can be divided by only itself and 1 is called Prime Numbers . For example :  2,3,5,7,11 Algorithm to Find Prime numbers First we take … Read more

Complexity | What Do You Understand By Worst Case, Best Case And Average Case?

Here we will discuss Complexity And What Do You Understand By Worst Case, Best Case, And Average Case? As complexity is defined as the unit of measurement of total space, and time occupied by a program to run in ideal conditions. Ways To Measure Complexity There are some ways to measure the complexity of a … Read more

MergeSort: Divide and Conquer Routine for Sorting in Python

In Algorithmic thinking, Divide and Conquer Paradigm is widely applicable to problem solving. As the name says, Divide and Conquer approach works by dividing a large problem recursively into small tractable sub-problems which can be solved with ease and then the solutions are then combined to the actual problem at hand. Enough verbosity, in this … Read more

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