Python Program: Find Prime Numbers in Python | Detailed Examples , Multiple Approaches

In this post we will go through the basic python program to find the prime numbers. We will also run the examples and corresponding output. Prime Numbers A number that can be divided by only itself and 1 is called Prime Numbers . For example :  2,3,5,7,11 Algorithm to Find Prime numbers First we take … Read more

Dictionary | How Can I Find Who Has The Highest Average Grade Using Dictionary?

In this post, we will learn How can I find who has the highest average grade using a dictionary where we have direct built in functions like sum and diving by the total number of elements we can get the average so here we have taken an example and a pseudo code to explain the … Read more

Classes | What Is The Difference Between Old Style And New Style Classes in Python?

In this tutorial, we will learn what is the difference between old- style and new style classes in Python as in python 2 we have this but in python 3, we have all as new- style classes. But in python 2 we have certain differences between them that we will discuss and try to understand … Read more

How do I check If A String Represents A Number (float or int)

In this tutorial, we will learn How to check if a string represents a number (float or int) which we can check using some in built functions like is digit(), is decimal(), or is number() and we will use each of them and try to explain how does it works and output of each function … Read more

How To Convert Bytes to a String?

In this tutorial, we will learn to Convert bytes to a string which we can do using the decode function here we will explore more about the same function and try to learn from an example.   Conversion As we know at times we might need to convert certain things from one form to another … Read more

Open | Difference Between Modes a, a+, w, w+, And r+ In Built-in Open Function?

In this tutorial, we will find the Difference between modes a, a+, w, w+, and r+ in the built-in open function which gives a way to read and write into a file of python along with some of the arguments of it helps in generating the output as per our choice. And here we will … Read more

Why Does “pip install” Inside Python Raise a SyntaxError?

In this tutorial, we will learn Why does “pip install” inside Python raise a Syntax Error which might be due to trying pip install on python script instead of using it on the command line. As pip is a command line command tool and not a python tool we can use it only in the … Read more

What is The Maximum Recursion Depth In Python, And How To Increase?

In this tutorial, we will learn What is the maximum recursion depth in Python, and how to increase it as we have a limited depth of recursion in python which is 1000 times only but we can always increase it as per our requirements, and we will learn here how we can increase them by … Read more

Underscore | What is the Purpose of the Single Underscore “_” Variable in Python?

In this tutorial, we get to know What is the purpose of the single underscore “_” variable in Python where we have a number of different uses as per requirements use it and here we will see all the possible examples of where we can use it. Use of Underscore There are different uses of … Read more

How can you dynamically create variables?

In this tutorial, we will learn How can you dynamically create variables which we can do in several ways like using a dictionary, Local and global keywords, setattr() build function, and even by using class and we will understand all one by one here with examples. Dynamically Variables dynamical Variables are the variables we create … Read more

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