Why Does “pip install” Inside Python Raise a SyntaxError?

In this tutorial, we will learn Why does “pip install” inside Python raise a Syntax Error which might be due to trying pip install on python script instead of using it on the command line. As pip is a command line command tool and not a python tool we can use it only in the command line.

Where we use pip for installing new modules or libraries in python through the command line here we can say there might be some other reasons for showing the same error that we will discuss here one by one which could be the reason for the errors.



We use pip for installing new packages in python on the command line in the terminal or command prompt not in python that is outside the python interpreter. Here we have given an example of installing one package using pip.

As there are different other ways too to install packages in the python program but pip in the command is used by default even though we can use conda for the same here we going to discuss one example where we installed one package using pip.

pip install requests


Other Reason For Such Errors

Incorrect Syntax

Before starting first thing that we need to search for this problem could be we had entered the wrong Syntax so Make sure that you should enter the correct things as per requirements and have a look at the correct syntax of the module or package you are trying to install.

Using Incompatibale Version

There might be a condition that we are not using a proper version of the package or module to install so in that case also it might be showing such errors to remove such errors we need to check the versions of both before installing it in the system to check the version we have simple command by which we can find the version quickly.

Package --version
Environment Issue

There might be a situation for the same error that is we had not specified the path in an environment variable in the control panel so due to that it is showing the same error so to remove such an error we need to add the path f pip folder inside the python file folder to the PATH of environment variable for the same you may visit out the tutorial to learn the same and implement.


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