Pandas | Why Should I Make Copy Of A Data Frame In Pandas?

In this post, we will discuss why Should I Make a Copy Of A Data Frame In Pandas as the modification we have done in the subset would not be affecting the main data in the original set and this is how the original data is remaining as it is. And there are some other reasons and advantages of a copy of the data frame that we will discuss here.



There are different reasons for copying the data frame before making any changes in the main data which could be.


This copy of the main data frame enhances the performance of the program as in the case of a large data set we can make some small data from and copy them as a sample to perform certain action this way simply reduce the size and makes the execution faster.


Making a copy of the data frame gives us the liberty of producing the same original data again as we were not performing any action manipulations and changes, But al such things were performed on copied data so we can reproduce the original data again.

Preventing Mistakes

By making copies we can prevent loosing our original data on performing certain actions we realized that any one step that we perform may have some error or we didi not required to remove certain things from the set but we did.

In that case, we can get the original data back and we could re- perform the action in the correct way on the original data again.


There might be a situation when we are required to perform certainly action parallel on two frames of same set in that case we make copy and perform as per our choice to make the actions paralel.


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