How to Counting Distinct values Across Columns Using sqlite3 in Python

In this tutorial, we will learn how to Counting Distinct values across columns using sqlite3 in python we can do so using the ‘ select distinct’ statement and get it done in SQL lite3 here we have given a set of pseudo code for executing the same and get it done.


Getting Distinct Values

Here is the code to execute for the somewhere we will get the distinct values out of the list we have to continue and execute following the code

import sqlite3

# connect to the database
conn = sqlite3. connect(' your_database.db')

# create a cursor object
c = conn. cursor()

# execute the query to count distinct values across columns
c.execute(' SELECT COUNT( DISTINCT column1, column2, column3) FROM your_ table')

# fetch the result
result = c. fetchone()

# print the count of distinct values across columns
print( result[0])

# close the cursor and connection
c. close()
conn. close()

Here the database is an SQLite3 database file and the table name if your table has columns as column1, column2, and column3 on which you want to count the distinct values.

There we have used SELECT COUNT(DISTINCT column1, column2, column3) FROM your_table command or statement to get the distinct values out of all the selected columns which we want to execute. And combined their values and get those values matched by the command fetch one() and after that, we simply printed the output on the console.

As we can see we can specify any number of columns that we want to for finding the distinct values where each column is separated by commas. Getting different values from different columns we need to use some in built function which we have used as example above.

Along with finding distinct values, we can go for finding the sum, average, min, or max by simply applying the command just before the select statement to get it done. and even we can find the duplicate values which were previously duplicates but now are removed due to selecting the distinct only.

We chose the first occurrence of the value if the same value occurs again then we need to ignore it as it was already taken, It is the rule for selecting the district values from any of the columns in Python as well as for any other languages.


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