Classes | What Is The Difference Between Old Style And New Style Classes in Python?

In this tutorial, we will learn what is the difference between old- style and new style classes in Python as in python 2 we have this but in python 3, we have all as new- style classes. But in python 2 we have certain differences between them that we will discuss and try to understand to learn both.



Old style and New Style Classes Differences

We have a number of differences between them that we will discuss here one by one.


In new-style classes, it supports a method called MRO( method resolutions order) which resolves attribute lookups in the class hierarchy. Which is nothing but the order in which the parent class is listed in the class definition. whereas in the case of the old style it uses a depth-first search

Built-in Functions

In the new style, we have got the support of some in-built functions like super() and property() which are not supported in the old style so it is said that the new style is more useful and has more functionality.

Special methods

In the new style, we have some different syntax to use which is not there in the case of the old style for example to compare both let’s take one example of each:

class MyClass( object):
    def __str__( self):
        return "MyClass instance"

But if talk about the old style we have some changes in the format and ways which could be seen easily in the example given below and above and we can draw the difference in them at our own level.

class MyClass:
    def __str__( self):
        return "MyClass instance"

Type Hierarchy

In python2 we have the inbuilt functions like integers, lists, and strings following in the old style whereas, in the case of python 3, all the functions and data types are falling in the new style classes as there is no old-style class existing in python 3.

Hence, we can conclude that the new style offers more consistency and predictable behavior as compared to the old style which was there in python 3.


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