How do I check If A String Represents A Number (float or int)

In this tutorial, we will learn How to check if a string represents a number (float or int) which we can check using some in built functions like is digit(), is decimal(), or is number() and we will use each of them and try to explain how does it works and output of each function as per our choice.


String to Number

As we know at times we got the input in the form of a string and we need to get the number out of it to perform certain calculations which could not be performed on the string so in those situations we need to convert those strings into numbers and for the same we are here to discuss certain ways to do so.

Here we have to take the input as a string and then extract the digits as a float, decimal, and number as per our choice Here we have explained every method by taking examples to learn more look at the examples given below.

# define a string
string = '123.45'

# check if string represents an integer
if string. isdigit():
    print( 'String represents an integer')
    print( 'String does not represent an integer')

# check if string represents a decimal number
if string .isdecimal():
    print( 'String represents a decimal number')
    print( 'String does not represent a decimal number')

# check if the string represents a float
if string .isnumeric():
    print( 'String represents a float')
    print( 'String does not represent a float')

Here we have checked for a string from where it belongs or we can say from which type of data type is it and we have checked for multiple options like digit(), decimal (), numeric(), etc. And in this case, we have given the input as 123.45 and considered it as float which will fall in the category of the decimal.

So the output will be given as the else part of all the conditions check except the condition of decimal as if the condition of decimal will match it so I will display it.



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