Generate ‘n’ Unique Random Numbers Within Range In Python.

In this post, we will learn how to Generate ‘n’ unique random numbers within a range as we can do using a random library that provides generate random numbers() function which could provide the random numbers where a range is given as arguments in the function.

Random Numbers

Generate Random Numbers

Random numbers are those numbers that are independent of each other and the generating of numbers does not involve any factor that it is purely by chance, and each time when we generate random number it will might be different from previous digits there is no relation between them.

Here is a self explanatory code that could generate n random numbers in a given range.

import random

def generate_ random_ numbers(n, start, end):
    # Check if the range is valid
    if end < start:
        raise Value Error("End of the range must be greater than start")

    # Check if n is greater than the range
    if n > (end - start + 1):
        raise ValueError("Number of random numbers requested exceeds the range")

    # Generate unique random numbers within the range
    random_numbers = set()
    while len( random_ numbers) < n:
        random_ numbers. add( random. randint( start, end))

    return list( random_ numbers)
print( random_ numbers)

Here we can simply pass the values in arguments to get the range of random numbers and the number of random numbers we need, And the function will generate the random numbers as per our choice. One thing we need to keep in mind every time we run the code the output will be all different each time.


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