How to Find Where Python Is Installed On Windows?

In this tutorial, we will find How can I find where Python is installed on Windows to get it we have to follow certain steps on our PC, and to get it done stay tuned here.


Python Location

To know where we have installed python on our computer we need to follow the steps given below.

Step1 Command Prompt(cmd)

First, we need to open the command prompt by simply pressing window + R and typing cmd there in the dialog box to open a command prompt. A black screen(generally black) will be opened where the name of the computer would have been written.

Step 2 Command ‘Where Python’

there we need to write the command where python is in cmd to get the path of python where we had installed it when we downloaded.

in case we did not install python it will produce some errors so to avoid the errors we can simply first install python and then we can check where is it installed or even we can install it as per our choice by simply providing the correct path by accessing it while installing.


Step 3 View Result

As shown in the image provided above we can see a path being displayed which directs us to the file where the python file is being stored in this way we can get the directory of python.

We can do so by simply typing python on the window and clicking on open file location in that case you will be directed to the location where the file is stored. This also follows the same way to find the path but it simply provides a user -friendly UI.


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