How Do I Parse A String To A Float Or Int In Python?

Here we are going to discuss How Do I Parse A String To A Float Or Int in Python we can do this using float() and int() to convert one data type into different data types for our requirements that we will see as examples here.

ParseParse String to Float

To convert a Strind data into the float is required multiple times where we need to extra the digital value to perform certain calculations as we can not perform any calculations on strings so we need to extract the float value out of it and get the float value we use float() in build function.

We can also convert it into int but if the data is in decimals then int can not store any decimal value but the floor value so it may result in to lose of some data in the case of float it takes the decimal points also so we perform extraction of float value from a string.

Let’s take an example to understand and perform it in our programs to make the change.

string= "3.141"
# converting string to float
Float = float(string)  

Here we can see we have taken the input as a string and converted it into float using float().

Parse String To int

Similar to converting a string to float we can convert the string to int also where we take the floor value only which we can also do so using the float value that we get from the string and converted to float and get the floor value of a float.

Let’s go through the example is given below to understand it better.


string = '55567'
Fl = int(string)
print('Float Value =', Fl)

Here we can see how the string is being converted into int and stored in fl variable as int.


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