How Do I Remove All Packages Installed by pip?

How Do I Remove All Packages Installed by pip n python it is a two- step process where first we select all the packages and then uninstall with the command uninstall to understand it in a better way following the instructions given below.


Packages in Python

Packages in Python are the directories of python modules that contain different functions, Variables, and classes which can be stored in a single place and all of them can be used as per our requirements.

Or we can say most of the time modules related to each other are put in a place or packed in a single unit that is what we call a package and when they are required the whole package is imported and the models of use are taken and used to perform certain actions and get the desired output.

Importing packages

Import package means loading a certain package to make use of it in another program or project and getting access to the package of any package.

To import any module of the package we just need to follow the hierarchy by providing the name of the package followed by the module that we want to import separated by a dot [.] For example, we just follow the code of the line written below.

import Game.Level.start

Here the game is a package and level is a module and the start is a sub- module that is imported.

Delete Package

To delete the package which is imported we just follow the code given below in two steps.

Step 1

Command to list all the packages installed to remove them

pip freeze

It will take all the packages now we just need to remove them and for the same follow step 2

Step 2
pip freeze | xargs pip uninstall -y

It will uninstall all the existing packages.


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