How To Find Total Memory Used By Python Process?

In this tutorial, we will learn How To Find the Total Memory Used By Python Processes, which we can get using psutil library and os library after getting each process as a variable using os we can find the memory used in that process to understand it in a better way look at the example given below and learn to implement.


Memory Of Process

To find the total memory used in a process can find out using a built in library and using some function of that library after getting the process with the help of the os library to get it done follow the self explanatory code given below.

import psutil
import os

# get the process ID of the current Python process
pid = os. getpid()

# create a Process object using the process ID
process = psutil. Process( pid)

# get the memory usage information of the process
mem_info = process. memory_ info()

# get the total memory used by the process
total_ mem_ used = mem_ info.rss

# print the total memory used by the process
print(f"Total memory used by Python process: {total_ mem_ used} bytes")

In this code first, we use the os library to get the ID of the process and on that basis, we are going ahead to get the memory used for this. and memory info() function is used for getting the total memory of the process passed in the parameter and in the same way we can find the total memory of each process in python.

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