Username | Is There a portable Way To Get The Current Username in Python?

In this tutorial we will find out Is there a portable way to get the current username in Python there are three ways to do so which are using the OS library, using the Getpass library, and Using os and pwd modules. And here we will discuss all of them one by one.



As there are different ways to find the current username of python we are currently using different ways that we will learn here one by one.

Using OS Library

To implement using the OS library here the code is given below which can directly be used and learned.


import os
# using getlogin() returning username

And we can also use other different methods of OS library that are as followed.

import os
# using path.expanduser() getting username

Another way to get the username is as followed.

import os
# using environ.get() method getting
# current username
os.environ.get(' USERNAME')


Using .getpass Library

As discussed we have another library to get the same username to get the name of the user in another way follow the code given below.

import getpass as gt
# using getuser() method , returning current
# username

Using os and pwd module

We can also get the username using another module that is os and pwd to get username here we have the code to do so. for this, we need to import two modules os and pwd both.

import os
import pwd
# Using getpwuid() and getuid we are
# printing current username
pwd. getpwuid( os.getuid())[0]


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