Python program to Identify Even and Odd Elements in List

first we understand what is even and odd : Even : EvenĀ  number means those numbers which areĀ  divided by 2 (two) Odd : Odd number means those numbers which are not divided by 2 (two) Now we understand what is list : List : List is a group of elements It can be store … Read more

Why Do Lists Compare As Greater Than Numbers, And Tuples Greater Than Lists?

In this post, we will learn Why do Lists compare as greater than numbers, and tuples greater than lists and where to make comparisons between two or more different types of data types in python it is governed by a set of rules that we need to follow those rules to compare them and here … Read more

How Can I Use `Return` To Get Back Multiple Values From A loop?

In this post, we will learn how can I use ` Return ` to get back multiple values from a loop. If yes, we can put them on a list to display here we have given an example to implement. Return A List Loop We can return the Number of value of a loop using … Read more

How Do I Sort A List Of Objects Based On An Attribute Of The Objects?

In this post, we will learn How to Sort a list of objects based on an attribute of the objects which we can perform using the sort built in function even we can do the same thing using the sorted function to and here we will discuss both the examples and execution with the help … Read more

How To Convert Array to list in Java?

Here we will learn How To Convert an Array to a list in Java? we can convert an array to a list in three ways the first way is simply by native manner where iterating each element of the array and keep on storing it in the list, Second is Array.isList() Inbuild function and third … Read more

What Are The Differences Between A HashMap And A Hashtable In Java?

In this article, we will learn What Are The Differences Between A HashMap And A Hashtable In Java? As hashmap is non-Synchronised whereas hashtable is synchronized. And hashmap is allow a null Value whereas hashtable does not allow any null values, there are a number of such differences that we will difference here. HashMap There … Read more

List | How Do I Get The Last Element Of A List?

In This tutorial, we will learn How do get the last element of a list there are four ways to do so slicing, using for Loop, using pop, and using negative indexing. So let’s discuss each with an example. List In Python There are different ways to get the last element of the list Using … Read more

List And Tuple | What Is The Difference Between List And Tuple?

In this Tutorial, we will learn The Difference Between a List And Tuple. Here there are four different differences between tuples and lists that are mutability, syntax, usage, and performance we will discuss them one by one. List And Tuple As we know a list and a tuple are two different data structures which used … Read more

How do I Reverse a List backwards? | Python Tutorial

In this tutorial, we will discuss different ways, How do I reverse a list backward in Pyron. There are two ways to do so where we can get the list in reverse order one is using the function reverse and the other is using slicing as we discussed earlier. What Is List In Python? The … Read more

Understanding Python Dictionary Slicing – Detailed Tutorial with Examples and Problems

In this Tutorial we are going to discuses and understand Python Dictionary Slicing with examples and Problems, And all the possible Ways of slicing a list or dictionary. Understanding Slicing Before Understanding slicing, we need to know the indexing in a list and how it works. So indexing is a way to provide a local … Read more

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