How To Convert Bytes to a String?

In this tutorial, we will learn to Convert bytes to a string which we can do using the decode function here we will explore more about the same function and try to learn from an example.




As we know at times we might need to convert certain things from one form to another and here we are going to discuss one such example where we need to convert a byte code into a string to understand what it was exactly written.

Conversion can also be done by using some functions like parse which could help in converting different data types to other data types which might be useful, For converting the data type we simply write the data types or we simply typecast the variable to convert the data type.

There are some more possible ways to do the same in python that we will see when we deal with specific modules.

There are times when we need to convert one data type to another data type which we can simply make by writing the data types and in brackets writing the variables which will simply convert if possible and if not possible then there are certain other built-in functions that we can use for the same.

For understanding, it is better to look at the example given below and analyzes the result to understand it in a better way.

# A bytes object representing the string "Hello, world!"
b = b 'Hello, world!'

# Convert bytes to string using the decode() method
s = b.decode( 'utf-8')

# Print the string
print( s)


Conversion of the different data types to some other data types. Here we can see an example to convert string to byte array

package com.journaldev.util;

import java.util.Arrays;

public class StringToByteArray {

    public static void main( String[] args) {
        String str = "Pakhar";
        byte[] byteArr = str.getBytes();
        // print the byte[] elements
        System.out.println(" String to byte array: " + Arrays.toString( byteArr));


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