Integer | How do I check whether a variable is an integer?

Here in this tutorial, we will learn to check whether a variable is an integer, as it is required multiple times when we need to find whether we can perform numerical operations or not on given values, Or sometimes maybe need to convert the given value into an integer.



As we know to get the operations done we need the variable either in integers or float so that it can be calculated as arithmetical operations can be applied only on numbers so it is required to check whether the given number is an integer or not.

So here we will check for the given variable whether is it an integer or not for further calculations for the same follow the code given below.

x = 10
if type(x) is int:
    print("x is an integer")
    print("x is not an integer")

here we can see how x is being declared as int and in if the condition it is checked as here the given variable is int so it will produce the result as integer whereas if x would be some other data type then the result might be something else that would be x is not an integer.

And for checking the type of a variable there we have some other methods also like isinstance() or type() which are also used for checking the data type and it could be any of the primitive data types.


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