Arithmatic operation

print(“Enter two numbers to perform arithmatic operation:”) num1=int(input()) num2=int(input()) print(“Addition of the given numbers is “,num1+num2) print(“Subtraction of the given numbers is “,num1-num2) print(“Multiplication of the given numbers is “,num1*num2) print(“Division of the given numbers is “,num1/num2) print(“Floor division of the given numbers is “,num1//num2) print(“Modulus of the given numbers is “,num1%num2) print(“Power of the … Read more

Reverse Digits of an integer – Python Program – One of Most Common Interview Question

Python program to reverse a number, reverse digits of a number, reverse integer, python programs, python programs to reverse a number, basic python programs. Reverse Digits of an integer –¬† One of Most Common Interview Question Problem¬† – Write a Python program to reverse digits of an integer. Example 1 : Input : 123, Output … Read more

Python Object Oriented Programming

PYTHON : OOPs Python is a multi-paradigm programming language. It means that Python supports different programming approach. Python Object Oriented Programming approach (OOPs) is the ¬†easiest and the most popular one among them . Introduction to OOPs Object Oriented Programming is referred as a programming approach , where the programs are organised as objects. This … Read more

Depth First Search: Graph Searching Algorithm in Python

Graph Search Problem Many problems in real-life can be easily solved by mapping them to the mathematical structure called graphs. Graph Theory and Computational Theory has led to the solution of interesting problems like Traveling Salesman problem, minimum-flow problem, etc. In this tutorial, we will be studying and solving a very basic problem of graph … Read more

MergeSort: Divide and Conquer Routine for Sorting in Python

In Algorithmic thinking, Divide and Conquer Paradigm is widely applicable to problem solving. As the name says, Divide and Conquer approach works by dividing a large problem recursively into small tractable sub-problems which can be solved with ease and then the solutions are then combined to the actual problem at hand. Enough verbosity, in this … Read more

How to install python (also pyCharm ) in 2020

So now let’s discuss how to install python in windows, Mac, Linux Android and also iOS. So don’t worry, we will cover your every device.   Some points to understand first related to python : There are 2 versions of python mainly used today: python 2 and python 3 I will recommend you to learn … Read more

Introduction to python in 2020

python is a high level, interpreted, general purpose programming language. i have given the introduction of python, the main software build using the Python, the advantages pros using the python, main areas in which Python is used. Difference between the compiler and interpreter language.

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