How To Find All Occurrences Of A Substring? In Python

In this Tutorial, we will learn How To Find All Occurrences Of A Substring from a String? In Python, we can find All Occurrences Of A Substring by using some inbuild functions which are string.rfind(), String.find(), and String.find_all(). Different Ways To Finding Occurrences Of A Substring There are a number of ways to find the … Read more

What Is The Difference Between and re.match() Functions? In Python

In this Tutorial, we are going to discuss the difference between and re.match() functions which are being used to get the matched String from an existing string, Either from Starting or in between the string. Ways To Match Substring With Main Strings There are some ways to check the matches of substrings with main … Read more

How Immutable Is Different from Mutable Types, In python Programming

Mutable are those which could be edited after it is defined for example list whose elements can be edited even after defining, whereas in case of immutable we can not edit them for example String. What is Mutable? Mutuable are those data Types that can be edited after Declaration For example once a datatype is … Read more

Some Basic Python String Programs-2

Some Basic Python String Programs

Python Program to split a string into groups of n consecutive characters string = “Beta Python: Python for U” n = 5 split_string = [(string[ch:ch+n]) for ch in range(0, len(string), n)] #list comprehension print(split_string) #Output: [‘Beta ‘, ‘Pytho’, ‘n: Py’, ‘thon ‘, ‘for U’] List comprehension is a compact method that defines a list and … Read more

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